Over my academic career I have been blessed and honored to work among amazing individuals in the areas of human performance. Below is a summary of ongoing and previous collaborations.

Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance

In summer of 2022, I was honored to be awarded with the Post-Doctoral Research Fellowship. Since my arrival to Stanford, I have joined the Wheeler lab under the supervision of my Post-Doctoral advisor and mentor Dr. Matthew Wheeler. Additionally, I have joined and I am currently collaborating with other labs within Stanford.

Currently working on two projects: 1) exploring differences in electrocardiogram parameters among different ethnical groups in athletic populations, and 2) Exercise oscillatory breathing (EOB) on individuals with Heart Rate Failure.

As part of the MoTrPAC bioinformatics team at Stanford I have been focusing on managing, analyzing, and interpreting the clinical data that includes (but not limieted to): Cardiopulmonary testing (CPET), ECG, 1RMs,  DEXA, Blood results data, and Exercise tracking data from Endurance and Resistance training. 


With the collaboration of my good friend Erik Tan, MS., CSCS., we have a set of ongoing retrospective and experimental projects seeking to improve and optimize the physical performance of Wushu athletes. 

In 2021, we developed the International Wushu Research Scientists, a consortium developed to improve physical performance of Wushu athletes at all levels. In addition, we aim to develop a physical testing battery with field tests that require minimal equipment and that have the capacity to predict Wushu performance.

In collaboration with Sajad Pourjahani and Sanda fighting athletes, we aim to discover psychological techniques that can enhance physical readiness with hopes to improve fighting match outcomes.